Getting Back to Work in 2018!

Greetings All!

Just to let you all know I’m getting ready to start my Video Series hopefully here on my blog starting in 2018.  The series is “Simple Tai Chi and Qigong for Daily Practice, Health and Wellness.”

At age Sixty-Five I have been doing my Tai Chi and Qigong meditation for a few years now. I can only say in my experience it has benefited me greatly.  A recent experience has been after my hernia surgery in November of 2017. The same day I woke up after surgery I started my Qigong deep breathing and meditation.  within four days I had little pain and was up on my feet and moving.

After four weeks I am back to doing light Tai Chi and Qigong meditation and it feels great.  It will be another four weeks before I’m back into full swings again, and will hit my sixty-sixth birthday by then.

I’m really looking forward to getting my program out to the many here on my blog.  I’m not in it for money, only to enable others to dive into the world of Tai Chi and Qigong meditation and possibly have better health and wellness as they age.

While my program will benefit any age capable of doing it, it is really for age forty and older.  How much older?  Well I hope that like many in China it will be into ages well into the eighties and nineties.  Of course while there is no guarantees, moving your body in what is called moving meditation will give you a better chance of getting there.

To your health and mine!


Roger @ Tai Chi Life

Can You Learn Tai Chi From A DVD?

The short answer to that question is yes! Not to say that learning from a teacher is not good. But in my studies of Tai Chi over the years, a few of the Masters I have read up on have said this: If you are only learning Tai Chi exercises for health and wellness, you do not necessarily need a teacher or Sifu (See-Foo).

You can learn exercise Tai Chi from a DVD. While the major of my study is from the Yang Style 24 Short form, that was when I was younger. My my main focus today at age sixty-five, is to stay toned, agile, and flexible. I have taken many of the Tai Chi forms from the Yang Style and combined them with Qigong forms for my daily routine today.

While Tai Chi is considered Qigong, not all Qigong is Tai Chi. Why? Because Qigong is also used in “Traditional Chinese Medicine.” In Traditional Medical Qigong there are hundreds of exercises for different medical conditions. Keep in mind that all traditional Tai Chi is from one of the Five Families, and was developed for self defense. Only hundreds of years later and today, is it used for exercise, health and wellness.

At age sixty-five I don’t plan on getting in many street fights, but I do plan on trying to stay as healthy as I can as I age. If you want to learn a complete form, then yes, an instructor is probably the best course of action. If you want to learn a routine for health and wellness you can learn it from a DVD.

If you go the DVD route, here’s some things to remember. First of all, see your doctor if you have any real concerns about your health before you begin. Don’t worry if you are not doing the movements just perfect in the beginning. You will have to watch the DVD routine a few times before you start to flow with the DVD instructor, but that’s okay.

Also in the beginning you don’t need to stretch till it hurts, or bend till you are in pain. Start slowly and only stretch and bend to where it is comfortable. In time your body will adjust and your movements will flow with ease. With each movement breathing deeply without straining, and clearing your mind to the rhythm of inhaling and exhaling is important. Listening to your breathing will set your rhythm. You can also listen to slow soft music to set the tone of your workout.

I recommend David Dorian Ross’s DVD, “Tai Chi Fit over 50” if you are looking for the perfect workout. Master Ross has been teaching Tai Chi for over  forty years, and is a great teacher to the American audience. You can find “Tai Chi Over 50” by clicking on the DVD cover photo on any page on the site.

P.S. Develop a daily routine and you will on your way to Balance, Harmony, Health, and Wellness.

Roger@Tai Chi Life

Welcome To Tai Chi Life!

Today is August 14, 2017 and the start of Tia Chi Life.  Many have heard the term “Tai Chi.” But what is Tai Chi?  It depends? It depends because it matters if you want to study Tai Chi Chuan for Martial Arts, or just Tai Chi excecises for health and wellness.

This site is specifically geared to Tai Chi exercises for Health & Wellness! Tai Chi Chuan is actually the Martial Arts form, that comes from one of the Five Families who developed Tai Chi Chuan many hundreds of years ago in China.  If you want to study the history of Tai Chi Chuan, go to Vital Links on the Menu Bar, log on to Wikipedia, type in the title “Tai Chi Chuan” and read the article.

This site also uses Qigong exercises and Meditation for health and wellness. Qigong is used to calm the mind, increase the life energy or “Qi”, and help to bring balance to daily living. Again, go to the Wikipedia link, type in Qigong and study the article.

Another topic in Wikipedia to study is “Yin & Yang.” you will find that Yin & Yang is related to balance and harmony in nature, as well as the life force in the human body. By studying these topics will will find that Tai Chi, Qigong, and Yin & Yang are all tied together.

I will strive to bring you as much good information for using Tai Chi and Qigong for health and wellness. I have been doing Tai Chi exercises and Qigong meditation for a number of years now. At age sixty-five, I can tell you from my experience, that it keeps me agile, well balanced and in good health. My mission here is to spread the word on the benefits of living the Tai Chi and Qigong life.

Roger@ Tai Chi Life

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