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R. Sanchez @ Gunny’s Mail Call


I like to wake up every morning, have my two cups of coffee and sit in the quiet of my man cave. Now being fully retired at age sixty-five, I long for the life of peace and serenity. After a twenty-two and a half year career in the United States Marine Corps, and a combat tour of duty in the Vietnam War, I was hoping to mellow in my old age.

But the possibility of a serene life all vanished in 2001 and 911. It was the beginning of world terrorism, the great divided of the American political system, and the society as well. I never did get too involved in politics or the fact that there is a difference between a conservative and progressive agenda. I’ve always been an Independent and an advocate of the Constitution of the United States.

Since 911 my resolve to stay out of any political disputes and opinions has greatly eroded. I told myself I would never takes a side because I foolishly believed, that all Americans were for American Values and the American way of life,

What I have also found in the years since 911, is that the political system and the D.C. Government as well as State and county governments, are more agenda based. They are not working for the the betterment of every day Americans. I hate it when either political party makes the blanket statement that this what the American people want. The truth in my opinion is, that Americans and the political system is definitely divided

Why can’t the Democrats and Republicans state it as it really is: “This is what my party and constituents want,”My way or no way.” And what I see in my reality is that there are far right and far left loons. But what the facts as I see and observe them bare out to me is, that the far left and progressive agenda is far more intolerant and destructive. I believe in the right to peaceful protest and assembly, not in the right to be destructive and do harm.

For the last eight years of President Barrack Obama’s Presidency I have heard the democratic progressive party criticize the republicans for being intolerant and being obstructionist. But this was not evident at least to me during President Obama’s first hundred days in office. But the attacks on now President Trump almost two weeks in office, has shown the not only intolerance for President Trump, but also the great disdain.

One more thing that is obvious is the great contrast of the Republican T-Party, mainstream Republican Party, the Democratic Party, and those of the progressive and far left mindset. Their protest and rhetoric methods are like night and day, What is even worst for America is a mindset of the far left that cannot be changed even when the ship is going down. But the far right loons don’t help as well. Will we see a more centered government that will work together for American interest, the Constitution, and it’s people first. This is my prayer for this administration.

My fear as I look around America today is that, we have a far left media and educational system that feeds their far left agenda to our young people. Even that far left knows this. The one thing I will do the same as I did when President Barrack Obama was elected, I will give President Trump a chance.

R. Sanchez @ Gunny’s Mail Call 

Trump Presidency 2017


The day has finally arrived as President elect Donald J. Trump swears in and steps into office.  While the country tries to give an image to the world that this is a flawless transition, in the background of reality those who are realist, know that it is not.

While we do not have the outright mass violence of many of a third world countries, today it is still a divided country both politically and in its people as we start a new presidency.

Never in my humble lifetime have I seen a more vicious and hateful attack on a presidential elect.  it is obvious to me that many in the Democratic Party and in the main stream media outlets, are anything but happy about the new President.

What they (the Democratic Party) complained about, and told the Republican party what they should not do if Hillary Clinton became President, is the very thing they are doing and with great disdain.

It is also my humble opinion, that the violence that many far left Liberal thinkers and groups in this country have displayed, is something that conservative and even the far right groups have not done in any protest.

Let us hope that as Americans we will realize that we have two paths we can now take. Destroy America as a third world country might do, or stand as Americans as we have always done.  Will we set the example for the rest of the world or not. There is no doubt in my mind at least, that even with all our imperfections, the world still looks to America for leadership and hope.

America has always stood for freedom, justice, and hope. But as the old and true phrase that have been stated through the history of nations has said: United we stand, divided we fall.  Let us hope that we continue to stand.


Roger A. Sanchez Sr. @ Gunny’s Mail Call 

More Writing in 2017!


Being that I’m fully retired now I’ve decided to get back to more writing as part of my daily routine.  I recently completed what I call my “War Room.”  It’s my place to read, think, and write.

While I’ll still rant and rave here on gunny’s Mail Call, I’ll be gearing more to thoughts about writing.  I know one thing for sure; if you want to imoprove your writing, you have to write,

I hope to also catch the eye of other writers here and maybe share some thoughts about writing.

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