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Gunny’s Mail Call is a Community that is here for All Veterans and Active duty memebers of the Armed Forces of the United States of America.  It is also here for family members and All Patriots and supporters of the U.S. Military.

The site is a personal blog and is not associated with WordPress.com.  It is administered by retired Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant Roger A. Sanchez Sr. Gunnery Sergeant Sanchez served in the Marine Corps from February 1969 until September 1st of 1991.

The Gunny served in Vietnam at the rank of Corporal and at age eighteen from July of 1970 until April of 1971.  He served in “I Corps”, Quang Nam Province, with Delta Company 1/7 at hill 63/LZ Baldy, Lima Company 3/5 at hill 34 & 37, and Golf Company 2/1 at Marble Mountain. He left Vietnam after being wounded for a second time, and was medivaced to Okinawa in April of 1971.

During a career of twenty-two years six months, the Gunny Served with the infantry four years six months, and the rest of his career in the utilities field, with the exception of two years Drill Instructor Duty with Lima Company 3rd Recruit Training Battalion at MCRD San Diego California, from September of 1976 until October of 1978.


My Marine Corps Career Path


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