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This is where I post my Podcast!  You never know what I have to say, if anything at all?  

Note:  Gunny’s Mail Call Podcast is the personal podcast of retired Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant Roger Sanchez.  This podcast in not a commercial for profit podcast.

Semper Fi!  

Gunny Sanchez USMC Retired


Gunny’s Mail Call Ray & Helen Merrell

Special Podcast April 2016

Disclaimer Notice: 

Gunny’s Mail Call is not a non-Profit organization or a for profit organization, nor is it affiliated with any United States government agency, nor any foreign government, special interest group, or, Commercial Corporation.

Gunny’s Mail Call Podcast is solely an Opinion and Commentary dealing with current social events and news of interest to the general public, and or entertainment podcast.

Those wishing to express an opinion on any podcast may do by email at:  The email can be found on the Blog Site in the Comments page.

These Podcast are not Archived 






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